How it's made

The tender wind allures the fresh bread aroma from bakery Liepkalni and carries it along nearer and farther places. It is impossible to resist such a warm and delicious temptation...

...In Liepkalni time duration: from preparing to baking, for brown bread lasts 30 hours. Only such period of time, while rye-flour is raising process, provides wonderful and natural aroma and taste. This is the period in wich real, like home-made brown bread is being created. This MASTERSTROKE, coming already form past times, makes our bread very special and marks out it’s quality and taste. The brown bread loafs are shaped with hands and repeatedly embraced while braked, shaped and packed.

Bread-baking starts with:

Dough making. Dough preparing is based on sweetening process, where rye-flour, caraway-seeds and rye-malt are mixed together to keep bread fresh, aromatic and with real taste more longer. This also gives the sof part of bread more flexibility and smooth structure.

The parboiled dough is being fermented in wood barrels. The dough is being kneaded afterwards. Every loaf is being shaped with hands and repeatedly embraced. This is old master-trick of Liepkalni bakers. The particular size of loaf makes the real taste.

Afterwards each of every browned loaf finds it’s way alongside others on a big table of packer.   Basing on this, we presume to say that our producing methods go alongside with national traditions of bread-baking and also stick together with modern technologies and allow to create very special bread, available only at this part of the world.