Pretzels "Rūjienas kliņģerīši"

The promotional product Pretzels Rūjienas kliņģerīši”  has been developed in cooperation between Bakery “Liepkalni” and Rūjiena Municipality in order for Rūjiena to be represented as a town of culture and craftsmanship.  The Pretzels “Rūjienas kliņģerīši” is a continuation of the Rūjiena souvenir line. The stripes on the packaging copy a fragment of one of the most popular local women’s woven skirt ornaments in authentic colours with added prints of floral hair-band motive.  

In the box, there are two types of butter dough based pretzels crafted by skilled bakers of the Bakery “Liepkalni“. Each pretzel is handmade, and therefore they are particularly curvy and tempting. This box of pretzels would make a wonderful present and a sweet souvenir from Rūjiena. 


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