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It is the wind wich carries this magical smell of ”Liepkalni” bread from places near and far.
It is impossible to resist such a delicious temptation....

We are are expecting everyone interested in how bread and all the delicious pastry are beeing made, as well as to discover the history and bread baking traditions of Mendziņi family and to try amazingly delicious products in ”Liepsalas” – beautiful place in Klintaines district.

Our guests are welcomed to:

  • Buy ”Liepkalni” bread, pastry and other tasty products;
  • Enjoy delicious meals;
  • Have a cup of coffee;
  • See the portable country style bread stove wich were used at the beginning when a grand-son of farmer Mendziņš retrieved back the land of ”Liepkalni” and started to bake bread;
  • Enjoy the beautiful view standing at the coast of the river Daugava;
  • Discover the history of neighbourhood and walk it’s paths;
  • Have a ride with the Viking ship in the summer, with the sledge-in the wintertime.


Call to reserve visit by phone.: +371 26449567 or