About bakery

Liepkalni Ltd.

Our mission – to meet and satisfy the needs of customers according to their habits by producing high quality bread and pastry products with specially made taste, at the same time keeping responsibility towards customers and employees.

Basic activity of bakery Liepkalni – producing and trading various kinds of bread and pastry. Assortment consists of more than 50 bread products, as well as cookies, bread crumbs, pones, pates, cakes and pies.

Product demand is promoted by large assortment of bread wich includes hand-made items and special producing methods like wood barrels, sweetening process, long-lasting fermenting process(up to 30 hours), healthy fixings – seeds, fruits, caraway – seed oil, honey, and also easy packing and wide possibilities of logistics.Products with Liepkalni Trademark are available in more than 600 trading places in Vidzeme, Zemgale and Latgale, also providing delivery to different regions of Latvia.

All bakeries of Liepkalni have arranged their producing units according to EU requirements as far as it concerns quality, sanitary and hygienic matters, provide producing of safe and qualitative product.

Both co-operative producing technology and small distance from stove to customer give to our co-operation partners such preferences as:

  • Newly baked, fresh and aromatic bread;
  • Co-operated logistics;
  • Flexible adaptation to market requirements;
  • Simplified communication, information flow;
  • Providing of demand range; stability, loyalty.

In order to merge marketing resources, ”Liepkalni” Ltd. have established co-operative logistics company “Latviešu maiznieks ”Ltd. with aim to obtain more stable positions in bread market of Latvia and also to increase market coverage, at the same time keeping up and developing national traditions of bread-baking and satisfying customer’s needs for fresh-baked bread.